A Series of Unfortunate Events at Choate

Ayda Ardila
The bus hadn't arrived, and the confusion started there.
At the designated time to depart from Porter's to play a rescheduled match against Choate, the bus was nowhere in sight. After a few quick interventions--and already behind schedule--we were reminded to be back on campus by 6:30, a nearly impossible feat. The team boarded the bus, the driver missed an exit, but ever onward! We arrived at Choate to request five-point game play. Shortly after we started, we were notified that we could continue tournament pro-set play, and though relieved, we had come to the end of our number one and two singles play, resulting in losses for both Mae Abreu '22 and Sarah Wagner '21. Marjorie Plants '21 emerged with a 4-3 win, and Roanna Zou then went 6-3 against her opponent. CiCi Barton '20 and Isa Ramirez '20 pushed through to the bitter end, and in doubles competition, Sarah Wagner and Roanna Zou, Elle Lansing '22 and Mae Abreu, and Dani Zamarripa '19 and Sofia Alvarez '20 gave their best defense against a strong offense in Choate. Abreu and Lansing went to a tie breaker and pushed every point toward a win. In exhibition play, Charis Ng '20 and Paulina Azzu '21 worked the net and baseline with great strength and finesse, but a series of unfortunate events disrupted the Porter's tennis universe for a moment in time.