Miss Porter's Badminton Plays Boldly!

Porter's Badminton team faced off against Emma Willard's badminton team for their 1st match of the season. It was hard fought throughout and the girls did a splendid job of maintaining a high caliber game.
All three singles matches were fast-paced and exciting. Both Jolie Nyugen and Katherine Li faced experienced players from Emma Willard and improved their standing in their second games. Elle Lansing lost her first set and came back with fine form, winning her overall game 17-21, 21-14 and 21-13. All four doubles played convincingly and again faced some stiff competition from Emma Willard’s best players. Alice Fang and Elle’s game kept everyone enthralled, the first set 19-21 and the second 14-21. Jolie and Katherine fought hard, even though their score does not show it with a 9-21 and 7-21 result. Enna Lee and Diana Ma played with much heart and passion and their result was a great testament to their team work with a 17-21 and 15-21 result. Joy Yu and Jasmine Chan achieved the second win of the day with a very convincing 21-7 and 21-17 win in the 3rd Doubles. All the friendly games were won with outstanding margins. Congratulations and thanks to all the team who traveled a long way for the love of the game.