An expected first game

JV coaches
Finally the first game of the season!
This year we are fortunate enough to have enough numbers, so we can rotate players more often, and after days of practicing, we were eager to see our team compete against another team.
During the first half, we had more control of the ball and possession but at times it seemed like we were going nowhere. We had the ball but we were not vertical enough to create chances of scoring. Ana had two great chances that almost went in and that was pretty much the first half. 
We started the second half with not much intensity and the team seemed a bit overwhelmed by the pressure NMH was practicing on our defense and also for their eagerness to get any divided ball. Because of that NMH had a couple of clear chances that fortunately for us did not go in. 
After a few minutes, we regained control of the ball and the possession and with ten minutes left Ana scored the goal for us. 
It was good for us to see the new players in action, and also in different positions. The team sometimes looked like a rusty hinge, working but not as its best. We have things to improve, but the team showed poise when under pressure and communication on the field at times was good. We are very happy to have started the season with a victory.