Porter's Faced a Tough Loss Against Hopkins

Katherine Doemland
Porter's faced a noontime 0-2 loss against Hopkins today.
In our second game of the season, Porter's faced a deep Hopkins bench, and throughout the first-half of play struggled to take possession of the ball. First-half play was hamstrung by minor injuries and low reserve; second half play came alive. Porter's goal keeper Elizabeth Akomolafe '23 kept on her feet and flexed her knees throughout a game that required absolute vision and intensity in the cage. She was assisted by Co-Captain Lily Jenden '22 and Jessica Hua '22 who provided another set of eyes and strong stick skills to protect the goal, and in spite of two successful captures by Hopkins, this duo defended their keeper and re-set at every opportunity. Below the circle, Sadie Abramson '23, Sarah Azrin '23, and Madison Donelson '23 brought every ounce of strength and courage to their new (and shifting) positions. Fewer players on a team means that every player has a wide berth of options for skill-building and position assignment. It also means that sometimes we privilege "option" over "experience." Porter's has a team of eager, enthusiastic, and versatile players, and in the long run these shifts in position build a strong and dynamic team. We saw that today in the second half where Porter's kept possession and created opportunity for several shots on goal. Those who helped along the way were Tabby Elliot '23, Kay Krag '23, Soleil Lech '22, Estelle Lord '23, Lucy Marshall '23, Angela Royle '23, Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer '21, and Izzy Sutherland '23. The energy is high at the start of an exciting season, and we couldn't be more proud of the work our small but mighty team is doing to commit to the challenges of growth and success this fall. Stay GREEN!