Good victory

The second game of the season brought us to New Haven, to play against Hopkins. In this game we were able to see players playing in different positions and gave us a better idea of how to put the players where they can give more to the team. Maia started her career as goalie and she did a good job. Even though she was not challenged, she was always in the right place on the field. 
Sarah scored the first goal early in the game, that allowed us to be not as anxious and more poised when controlling the ball and spreading the field. Our wings did an excellent job creating chances by crossing the ball or looking for a chance to shoot to the goal.
Before the end of the first half Jules scored the second goal, and, during the second half we continued moving the ball with criteria, and, even though our communication is still not as good as desired, the players were talking to each other.
On the second half Lauren, Sarah again and Kat scored for us.
It was a good victory to gain self-confidence for the rest of the season.