A Win for Miss Porter's!

MPS Badminton enjoyed a resounding victory over East Hartford today. Jolie, Katherine and Elle each won their singles convincingly, all three taking only 2 games against their opponents to achieve a successful outcome. In the doubles, partners Alice and Katherine and Jolie and Elle won their games quickly. This afternoon gave us the opportunity to play some new students in their first competitive doubles matches. Although Joy and Enna lost their game, they played strongly up until the end and there will definitely be a rematch with their competitors next week. Bonnie and Hana played a marvelous and exciting game against their opponents and exhibited some strong and tactical plays. All friendly matches were won by Porter’s and congratulations to all for their good sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

1st Single Jolie 21/4 21/5
2nd Single Katherine 21/4 21/3
3rd Single Elle 21/10 21/7

1st Doubles Alice and Katherine 21/12 21/18
2nd Doubles Jolie and Elle 21/9 21/16
3rd Doubles Joy and Enna 14/21 17/21
4th Doubles Bonnie and Hana 16/21 21/8 17/21

Diana and Annie 15/4
Aanya and Lotus 15/6
Dori and Tenzin 15/4
Emma and Rishitha 15/13