vs. KO

Miss Porters Varsity Soccer made the short journey to Founders league opponents Kingswood Oxford. The hoss started brightly and managed to create a couple of good scoring opportunities. Porter's struggled to get used to the surface although Kyla Gallagher '20 and Natalie Godoy '21 both hit the post with good chances. 15 minutes in Laura Gouvin '20 played a ball over the top that Gallagher '20 got to before the keeper to put Porter's Soccer 1-0 up. Two minutes later Taylor Hall '22 took a quick free-kick that circulated through Molly Andrews '22 then Lauren Schramm '20 who played a great pass to Marjorie Plants '21 who beat a defender before assisting Gallagher '20 for her second of the game. 20 minutes in, Sam Halligan '21 spotted Gallagher '20 in space as the latter completed her five-minute hattrick. The girls in green added another with only 15 minutes left when the impressive Gallagher '20 intercepted a KO goal kick before making it 4-0. KO kept going and showed persistence n scoring a goal only a few minutes later. Next up is a Class A (away) game vs. Greenwich academy at 1 pm!