Shoot at goal!

Our third game was against KO. We were expecting a tough game because KO teams are usually very athletic and this game was no exception. Our idea was clear from the beginning and we knew that if we could control the midfield and be able to find the windows and pass the ball to our strikers we should have clear chances of scoring. 
During the first half, our team did control the midfield most of the team, moving the ball to the sides, trying to expand the field, but we could not get a clear pass to our strikers. The defense was very serious and focused during the whole game, not letting KO have any clear chances.
During the second half, Miss Porter’s played with the same intensity and it is nice to see how some of the movements and communication we practice every day are reflected in the field during a game. Sarah had a clear chance to score, but the ball hit the crossbar. Not much later than that Ana was able to score for us, releasing some of the pressure and anxiety we were feeling from controlling the tempo of the game but not being able to score. 
Something we would like to see is the team challenging the goalie but shooting more often and also faster. Some of our players had too many touches (two, three) on a clear chance to score and their defense reacted quickly to abort that chance. 
Unfortunately, Gabby got injured yesterday and, as we write these lines we do not know how serious her injury is. We wish her a speedy recovery.