The Real Reel at Williston-Northampton

Katherine Doemland
Tied up at three-three in MA.
Porter's played a stellar game of field hockey against a talented Williston-Northampton team on their home, multi-use turf. During warm-up, we needed to adjust to the unfamiliar surface; during the game we found our stride in flat-and-through passing, blocking and clean footwork, and strategic, defensive cuts. The real reel was watching three goals sweep over the Williston line--a total team effort--with the final stroke (all three times) by Estelle Lord '23.  
Lord was assisted by Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer '21, Sarah Azrin '23, Jessica Hua ' 22, and midfield maven, Reina Salama '22. Angela Royle '22, another sharpshooter at mid, converted practice skills to game-play excellence with defense Tabby Elliot '23 and Madison Donelson '23 moving the ball decisively to goal. Soleil Lech '22 and Co-Captain Lily Jenden '22 served, protected, and defended goal keeper Elizabeth Akomolafe '23 against the Williston offense. Izzy Sutherland '23, Sadie Abramson '23, and Annabel Adeyeri '22 continued to hold the Williston offense at a 3-3 tie. As always, our outstanding manager, Sam Manafort '22, kept us organized and on-time. TEAM! Great effort and great energy: we're on the board!