Great Play Against a Kent Powerhouse

Katherine Doemland
Champions in the making!
Porter's hosted a terrific game of field hockey at Oaklea Field this afternoon against a powerhouse Kent School. Struggling with injures and battling illness, Porter's hit the turf with their usual alacrity and spirit and gave their opponents significant challenge in possessions, passing, and forced errors. Tennis great Billie Jean King insisted that "Champions play until they get it right," and Porter's field hockey is well on its way to completing an aspirational journey of becoming: of "getting it right." In goal, Elizabeth Akomolafe '23 settled and cleared abundant shots in the second half especially. She was assisted by sweeper and Co-Captain Lily Jensen '22, whose shot-strength and field sense delivered to Jessica Hua '22, Tabby Elliott '23, Kay Krag '23, and Soliel Lech '22. Running to close the play were Estelle Lord '23, Angela Royle '23, Reina Salama '22, and Madison Donelson '23. Sarah Azrin '23 has become an MVP in short-oder, and Annabel Adeyeri '22 and Izzy Sutherland '23 left no play unresolved. We are grateful to players Nia Carroll '22, Georgia Finley '22, and Charlotte Henrich '23 who assisted our effort today in the swirl of illness and injury, and a special shout-out to Georgia Finely who put us on the board! Today was another total team effort and absolute demonstration of skills we hone every day. Go Porter's: we're becoming champions!