An intense game

Saturday’s game against Greenwich Academy was our first home game. It was a beautiful day to watch a soccer game, but too hot to play it.
Saturday’s game was quite intense. We played against a team with some skillful players and a clear idea of how they like to play. While we like to possess the ball and move it from side to side to create chances, GA’s tactic was to clear the ball in defense by kicking it to our field and then pressure our defense and midfield players in order to create clear chances of goal.
During the first half, our team was very focused, not allowing the other team to use their speed. Our midfielders were able to move the ball purposefully, but at times they did not do the transition offense-defense fast enough, making our defense players work harder until we were able to finish the transition. 
Towards the end of the first half, Jules scored a goal for us and it was the right reward for a first-half well played. 
In the second half, GA played more aggressively. They were very fast to put pressure on the ball, creating two on one situations and giving us trouble to play the ball between lines or to start our play with some time to think. 
Between the heat and their pressure our defense started to make wrong decisions, like clearing the ball towards the middle rather than to the sides, and all of a sudden GA started to have more chances. 
As a result, a (dubious) fault was called against us on the top of the 18th. We were able to clear the ball, but they scored on the second chance.
Even though Maia had a great chance to score for us, at the end we were glad the game ended 1 -1. The heat and the physical demand (we only had four subs) took a toll on the team and after the game, they were exhausted.