Porter's struggles to find the goal

The Porter's field hockey team battled with Suffield Academy but struggled to find the net on Oaklea Field this afternoon. The first half was great, with both teams seeing shots on goal. Porter's gained momentum late in the half, but the score remained 0-0 at the half. Porter's hoped to increase the intensity in the 2nd half, but struggled to do so, and Suffield found the net about 10 minutes into the half. A few minutes later they scored again off a corner and they went up to 3 goals off another corner at the 9 minute mark. Porter's continued to play hard, and in the final minutes, Mel Belenardo ('20) got a breakaway off a great pass from Audrey McMillan ('20). Mel easily defeated the goalie in a one on one, notching the one goal for Porter's with 1 minute left in the match. Sophomore Nia Carroll tended goal for Porter's, ending the game with 11 saves.