Porter's Adds a WIN!

Katherine Doemland
Porter's owned a Win Against Suffield Academy this afternoon at Oaklea Field.
It's not always about the win in JV competition, but sometimes it really is. At Oakelea Field this afternoon, Porter's set an intention to beat Suffield Academy and claim ownership of their mastery of skills on offense, defense, and goal. Additionally, Porter's rehearsed game-play speed and strategic drills to advance mid-season play: Brava, Porter's, for a game that tested resilience, strength, speed, and endurance! While goalkeeper Elizabeth Akomolafe '23 saw little activity in the first half, the second half kept her energized in goal as she protecting her space with deep and robust assistance from teammates Soliel Lech '22, Co-Captain Lily Jenden '22, Estelle Lord '23, and Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer '21. Creating opportunities wide and through were Kay Krag '23, whose goal put us in the "W" with full support from Angela Royle '23 passing flat and through, and Izzy Sutherland '23 on wide D. The unflappable Reina Salama '22, whose field sense never fails to impress and always improves, coupled with Jessica Hua's '22 speed and dexterity created lanes for JV players to move within, dart, pass, and weave. Tabby Elliot '23, Madison Donelson '23, Annabel Adeyeri '22, and Sarah Azrin '23 kept control of the field and maintained focus on the 25 as shots continued to fire on goal. Athletic competition requires a standard of belief and behavior that transcends our mortal selves, yet requires us to level human experience in the most fundamental terms. One team wins; another team loses, but we feel the synergy of moving together, finding our way to goal, struggling in competition, and holding a perfect early autumn day in our memory. Take this, athletes, and write about it in your journals. This is how we become.