A good victory

By: Jules Rowthorn 
We had a rough start to the first half, likely because we were beginning to get comfortable in the game. Our gameplay improved as we began to maximize our possession and pressure the ball more throughout the first half, although it’s definitely something we should continue to work on. In the middle of the first half, Lauren Brennan ‘23 scored off of an assist from Evelyn Sanchez ‘23. Shortly after that, Natalie Yarnell ‘22 fought hard for the ball and found the back of the net. Right before the end of the first half, Brennan assisted Maia Davis ‘23 in scoring, making the score at the half 3-0. We started the second half making quick and smart decisions. Our passing also improved throughout the game. Halfway through the second half, Sarah Cosentino ‘23 took a beautiful corner kick but sadly it didn’t reach the back of the net. Our scoring streak didn’t end in the first half as Kat Roller ‘22 scored off of a pass into the box from Yarnell. To finish off her impressive game, Brennan scored for a final time off of another great corner by Cosentino. Overall, the game was a success, thanks to Marah Deckers ‘22 and Lilly Provost ‘23 who stepped up in goal, and we were able to end the game successfully with a score of 5-0.