JV Volleyball Drops to Loomis Chaffee

JV Volleyball lost to Loomis Chaffee on Saturday. Although Porter’s dropped in straight sets, the team played one of its most technically proficient games of the season so far. On the front line, Porter’s blocking was impressive, with Ava Forand ’21 and Susie Sun ’20 doing especially solid jobs in terms of timing their jumps. Porter’s attacking, fed by Sun’s 20 consistent setting, was also among the best of the year; Captain Darian Gordon ’20, Scout Davis ’21, and Mariela Vazquez ’21 all improved their approaches markedly, which bodes very well for Porter’s moving forward. On the back line, Linda Cai ’20, Maddie Guilmartin ’21, and libero Mara Farrell ’21 did admirably against the powerful serves Loomis delivered. It should be noted that all of this occurred with a Porter’s roster depleted by injuries, etc. Porter’s is looking to keep this progress up for the rest of the season!