A good game with a short squad.

The game against Ethel Walker started as a challenge because between injuries and absences we only had 12 players. 
With only one sub, we knew the team was going to work harder than usual and they were up to the task.
We started the game controlling the ball and trying to make the field wide so we could create chances by creating spaces. Ethel Walker chances came by deflections, taking advantage of the speed of their strikers. In one of those chances a penalty was called against us for a hand ball only one ref saw. 
Even though we were down on the scoreboard early on the game, our team did not lose its focus and they kept playing controlling the ball possession. We had some good chances, and towards the end of the first half Kat tied the game for us.
During the second half, we kept dominating the ball, and once we started taking care of ball deflections and not letting the ball bounce after a goal kick, we neutralized most of Ethel Walker’s offense chances. 
Early in the second half, Lauren scored the second goal for us, giving us peace of mind.
The rest of the second half was easy for us, with Evelyn and Lauren again scoring, for the final score of 1-4. Congrats to the team for the effort and a game well played.