Time to Re-Set

Katherine Doemland
Porter's faced a significant set-back this afternoon, but we're all about the rebound. 
Facing a deep Wesmintster team this afternoon at Oaklea Field, Porter's was poised to maintain a competitive game against an historically formidable opponent. The first half of the game was scrappy and disorganized, and in spite of best efforts, Porter's ended the half with a 0-3 score. Luck? Mistakes? Holes in offense? Confusion in defense? Half-time provided an opportunity to re-group and claim possession of the ball. Sweeper and Co-Captain Lily Jenden '22 kept deft attention on goal and cleared abundant shots on keeper Elizabeth Akomolafe '23. Ahead of Jenden, Jessica Hua '22 backed the 25 with speed and skill, passing wide and right to Madison Donelson '23, while Soliel Lech '22 guarded the alley and opened passing for Kay Krag '23 and Tabby Elliott '23. Angela Royle '23 and Reina Salama '22 kept pressure at midfield, using Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer '21 and Izzy Sutherland '23 as options flat and through, as Estelle Lord '23 and Sarah Azrin '23 built a front and back offense to move into the circle. Annabel Adeyeri '22 tried to protect right field control inside the broken circle, but post half-time an aggressive Westy team kept possession and dominated play for 25 minutes. We'll use today as an opportunity for reflection and feedback, and we'll re-set tomorrow in preparation for game-play on Saturday against Taft.