A Winning Afternoon!

The badminton team had an impressive afternoon today and won another victory against East Hartford High School. Despite a delayed start, the girls were ready and willing to go and won all three singles matches comfortably. There was exciting action to be found in the doubles games and three out of four matches were victorious. Joy and Diana fought hard in their games against formidable opponents and although they ultimately lost, they were gracious and tenacious until the end. Congratulations to all who participated. 1st Single Jolie 21-15 21-10 2nd Single Katherine 21-10 21-12 3rd Single Elle 21-12 21-2 1st Doubles Alice and Katherine 21-7 21-13 2nd Doubles Jolie and Elle 21-8 21-7 3rd Doubles Joy and Diana 18-21 17-21 4th Doubles Bonnie and Enna 21-17 21-15 Friendly Lotus and Aanya 12-15 Tenzin and Emma 21-15 Hana and Jaylin 21-12 Dori and Jasmine Annie and Rishitha 19-21