Where did we forget the motivation?

Our game against Westminster this Wednesday became a nightmare from the coaches' point of view as the game developed. One of soccer's most common topics after a bad game is when players and/or coaches talked about the lack of motivation and intensity. Well, last Wednesday we were witnesses to that. During the game we hardly won 50/50 balls nor deflections, and when we did, our first touch was so bad that the ball went to a Westminster player most of the time. We were also quite passive at times, looking at the ball go from place to place without running to get it or to intercept it. As a result, the end of the game was a constant attack by Westminster. Theirs were the best chances to score, and thanks to Ana, our goalie and the MVP of the game, we were able to finish with a clear sheet. 
We did have some chances to score,  when we moved the ball with criteria. Our transition from midfield to our strikers was not fast enough at times, especially because they had some fast defenders, and we did not put the ball to the space, but rather to our strikers’ feet, slowing them long enough for Westminster’s defense to regroup and abort our chances.
We hope this game served as an example of what could happen if we play again this passive and with not much motivation.