Heart and Attitude

Katherine Doemland
Sometimes heart and attitude can't win the game.
As the students often describe: Porter's "rolled in hot" for a competitive game against Taft this afternoon in Waterford. The first fifteen minutes of play were aggressive and well-matched, and on the Porter's time-out call, we took the opportunity to shore-up field positions and clean-up sloppy footwork. The following ten minutes of play were well-orchestrated and strategic, but the Taft offense maintained possession making it challenging to breakaway. Once again, Co-Captain Lily Jenden '22 at sweep carried the D outside the 25 with support coming in from higher marked players Jessica Hua '22, Soliel Lech '22, and Madison Donelson '23. On the lines and in the alleys, Tabby Elliot '23, Sarah Azrin '23, and Kay Krag '23 kept wide and open, using middies and forwards Estelle Lord '23, Angela Royle '23, the stealth Reina Salama '22, and the versatile Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer '21 moving nimbly in flexible positions on the line. Izzy Sutherland '23 and Annable Adeyeri '22 worked the field to protect and defend precious real-estate against a talented and aggressive front. Finally, the score does not adequately reflect the noble service of goalkeeper Elizabeth Akomolafe '23, whose time, talent, focus, and energy kept her team from an assault of drives on goal. We have work to do as we focus on the second half of the season, but we are well-positioned to make great gains on the field working collaboratively to meet our goals: growth, strategy, camaraderie, and a few more WINS on the books! We'll never really lose if we're playing with heart and a winning attitude, but posting a "W" feels pretty good, too!