Porter's Fights Hard Against Taft

Porter's got off to a great start against Taft this past weekend, scoring 14 minutes into the first half to take the lead 1-0. Freshman Tyler Gaston ('23) knocked in her first goal of the season and Porter's dominated for most of the first half until Taft tapped in an equalizer with 3 minutes left in the half. Porter's struggled to continue their offensive dominance in the 2nd half, unfortunately, and the Taft offense found their footing after the first 10 minutes or so, knocking in 3 more goals before the game ended. Despite the score, Porter's looked much stronger than previous games, and it was a great match overall! Kami Vigilant ('20) ended the game with 7 fabulous saves and she and her fellow defensive backs, Nia Carroll ('22), Charis Ng ('20), Georgia Finley ('22), and Natalie Brennan ('20) all worked well together to fight back against the offensive pressure of Taft's forward line. Midfielders Charlotte Henrich ('23), Tyler Gaston ('23), Audrey McMillan ('20), and Lydia Woodworth ('21) showed great improvement in their passing and positioning on the field. Forwards Ruby Eisler ('21), Sydney Cheng ('21), Bunny Rutledge ('20), Lucy Hallinan ('22) and Mel Belenardo ('20) hustled for each through ball and worked hard to support their teammates on the field. Porter's faces Hopkins next on Monday, 10/8 at 4:15pm.