A beautiful day to play soccer

Our game against Pomfret last Saturday was not as demanding as we thought it was going to be. The major challenge we found was the field which was quite irregular and with interesting angles on both end lines.
The game allowed to put players in different positions and also to make some small adjustments from the previous game and the results were positive during the game. We were able to move the ball to both sides and we did create chances attacking from the sides. 
Our midfield players were quite focused during most of the match, and the times they did not do the transitions offense-defense fast enough, our defender players were able to neutralize Pomfret’s chances.
Lauren scored the first goal for us and then Kat scoring twice, and Maia scored the other three goals.
On the positive side, we created plenty of chances and we did communicate well during the game while on offense.
We still need to work on our communication when playing defense and we have to keep working on how to end successfully our attacks, especially when attacking from the sides.