Yes We Did!

Katherine Doemland
Porter's captured an exciting win this afternoon against Farmington High School.
On our very own Oaklea Field this afternoon--still a bit soggy from a soaking, overnight rain--the JV Field Hockey team took Farmingon High to task in exciting competition with a 1-0 final result. The score was low, but the energy high as Porter's kept possession and dominated both halves in and above the 35. Passing options were wide and open, shots on goal were fierce and forceful, and that write-up two weeks ago: "Time to Re-Set"? Check. Porter's brought heart, soul, and a hunger for victory to the field today; more importantly, they could execute the plays we've been working on in practice and matched those drills with heart, soul, tenacity, and skill. Putting us on the board today was Reina Salama '22 whose goal today was scoring the goal: well-done! Assisting Salama were Sadie Abramson '23, Annabel Ayederi '22, Soleil Lech '22, and Madison Donelson '22. These teammates never fail to establish play that is smart and strategic, and with sweeper and Co-Captain Lily Jenden '22 in the mix, we're safely protected. Behind that line is keeper Elizabeth Akomalafe '23, whose dexterity and field sense grows exponentially with each contest. At midfield were the rest of our devoted team: Sarah Azrin '23, Tabby Elliott '23, the very versatile Jessica Hua '22, Kay "Speed Shot" Krag '23, and Estelle "Covering the Ball" Lord '23. Angela Royle '23 and Izzy Sutherland '23 move deftly and willingly through any line and are capable of playing any field position. Congratulations, Porter's-- You Won Here!