There is always a first for something

Last Saturday we played against Kent on a beautiful fall day. The ride to Kent and back was a feast for the eyes, enjoying the changing foliage. Our game against Kent was unusual from the beginning. They did not have any subs and shortly before the start of the game one of their players got injured, so the game was a 10 vs 10. During the first half, we went on the offensive from the beginning, we moved the ball from side to side and were able to put balls through their defense so we could use the speed of our attackers. Lauren had two very clear chances before she scored the first goal on her third chance. Lauren again, then Jules and Julia Luppino on two occasions scored for us during the first half. Kent had a few chances of getting on a one on one against our goalie because of the speed of their two offensive players, but our defense was fast enough to react and abort their chances. We started the second half trying players in different positions and making sure we kept possession of the ball. Towards the middle of the second half, there was a fault called against us on the top of the 18th. The fault was very well executed and Kent scored their goal. When we asked the referees for an explanation about that foul they said we were up 5-0 and they wanted to give Kent a chance to score. That was the first time something like that happened to us. To say we were flabbergasted does not even get close to express how we felt. During the second half, we had some clear chances of scoring but we could not put the ball inside the net. Now is time to get ready for the next game, it will be a challenging one as we will face Loomis.