Loss, but not Lost at Rumsey Hall

Katherine Doemland
Strong play by JVFH, but a non-starter for the scoreboard. 
Under brilliant blue skies, framed by blazing foliage cast in the slant of mid-October sun, Porter's faced one tough loss against Rumsey Hall yesterday. With only one sub on the bench, Porter's fought tirelessly to fill in the gaps, but we just couldn't get on the board. Goalkeeper Elizabeth Akomolafe '23 and sweep Soliel Lech '22 cleared and defended with strength and determination. They were supported by Estelle Lord, ‘23, Angela Royle '23, Jessica Hua '22, Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer '21, and Reina Salama '22, whose passing--even on the uneven grass surface--continued to impress in speed and skill. Izzy Sutherland '23 at wing played a fast flat and through game to meet Annabel Ayederi '22 in the 25, and the line of offense to defense was executed with the dynamic momentum of Sadie Abramson '23, Sarah Azrin '23, and Tabby Elliot '23. Thanks to our wonderful manager, Sam Manafort '22, for her unyielding commitment to the team, and special shout-outs and thanks to our parent fans whose voices on the sidelines and presence at our contests buoy spirits in challenging outcomes. We may have lost this game, but we haven't lost our way. Our small but mighty team is ever onward: Choate and Walker's this week. We're looking forward to game play, being together, and playing great field hockey on these lingering autumn days. What's better than that?