Bold Moves

1st Singles Elle 9-21 17-21
2nd Singles Jolie 14-21 17-21
3rd Singles Katherine 22-20 22-20
1st Doubles Joy and Jasmine 5-21 7-21
2nd Doubles Katherine and Alice 21-14 15-21 17-21
3rd Doubles Elle and Jolie 21-18 21-10
4th Doubles Bonnie and Enna 21-23 13-21
Hana and Rishitha 21-17
Aanya and Lotus 21-9
Tenzin and Emma 21-4
Jaylin and Dori 15-4
Annie and Diana 21-4
The girls played some terrific badminton this afternoon and, despite our history with Emma Willard, the team fought hard throughout. All friendly games were won easily and I congratulate all the girls for their enthusiasm and good sportswomanship. Emma Willard’s number one and number two were hard to beat and Miss Porter’s did an admirable job of playing against such formidable competition. We played a strategic game and I would like to highlight Katherine and Elle who displayed both skill and intelligence in their games.