Right Down to the Wire at Choate!

Katherine Doemland
Porter's played to the buzzer in excellent game play today.
In fierce competition this afternoon against a well-matched Choate team, Porter's played an intense and competitive game of field hockey. The final result came right down to the wire: Porter's was knocking at the door and the buzzer timed-out in a 0 -1 final score. Goalkeeper Elizabeth Akomofale '23 defended her team with agility and an outstanding field-sense cultivated throughout the fall. Ahead of her at sweep and returning from injury was Co-Captain Lily Jenden '22 with Soliel Lech '22 in "D." A mightier combo just doesn't exist, and they played their positions fluidly with a dancing grace between shifting duties. 
Moving out to wing, Sadie Abramson '23 executed every pass and moved the ball wide and through. This was Abramson's break-out game where the deliverables kept Choate low and away from the 25. Angela Royle '23 and Tabby Elliot '23 carried wide to meet Sarah Azrin '23 whose determination to advance the ball pushed through the Choate midfield to catch Reina Salama '22 and Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer '21. In speed and skill, Kay Krag '23 and Estelle Lord '23 ran-down their opponents as they furnished the ball to Izzy Sutherland '23 and Annabel Ayederi '22. What a game--what a nailbiter! As Porter's played forcefully right down to the wire, the game clock finally expired leaving us behind. Heads held high today, Porter's! No shame in this game.