Way to Win Against Walker's!

Katherine Doemland
Porter's emerged victorious in excellent competition against The Ethel Walker School yesterday.
What a day for a win against Walker's! Porter's played an excellent game of field hockey yesterday against a fast and competitive opponent. With our Oaklea Field advantage, Porter's took every opportunity to shoot inside the 25, but a fleet-footed Walker's goalie prevented a higher score. Porter's goalkeeper, Elizabeth Akomolafe '23, saw little action in the first half where Porter's dominated possession thanks to Co-Captain Lily Jenden '22 at sweep and tremendous defense by Jessica Hua '22 and Soliel Lech '22. Moving down the line, Izzy Sutherland '23 and Angela Royle '23 passed flat and through to backbone midfielders Reina Salama '22, Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer '21, Kay Krag '22, and Estelle Lord '23. Schaefer and Lord scored for Porter's in exciting play, as Tabby Elliott '23, Sadie Abramson '23, and Sarah Azrin '23 charged the goal to provide unstoppable support to the defense. The second half started with a strong Walker's offense until Porter's captured possession again and turned the game back to the defensive circle. Providing enthusiastic encouragement to their teammates and recovering from injury were Madison Donelson '23 and Lucy Marshall '23. As ever, manager Sam Manafort '23 kept the clock, and the team, organized and on schedule. Our win against Walker's was a total team effort, and at this point in our waning season every player has significant impact on the outcome of the game. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, every player stands as a giant in character, integrity, effort, and sportswomanship in the eyes of two very proud coaches.