Porter's fights hard against Ethel

The score of this game does not reflect the hustle, heart, and overall strong effort of the Porter's field hockey team during this match up.  After scoring chances for both teams in the first half, the score remained tied at 0-0 going into half-time. Kami Vigilant ('20) and the defensive unit in front of her (Natalie Brennan '20, Georgia Finley '22, Charis Ng '20, and Nia Caroll '22) did a wonderful job breaking up the passes of the speedy Ethel Walker mids and forwards. Midfielders Audrey McMillan ('20), Tyler Gaston ('23), and Morgan Pickett ('20) worked well together to move the ball down field to forwards Ruby Eisler ('21), Sydney Cheng ('21), and Mel Belenardo ('20).  Despite the strong efforts of our players, Walker's found the net about 8 minutes into the second half.  A few minutes later they capitalized on a defensive breakdown and again found the net.  After a short time out by Porter's and a realignment of some positions, Porter's gained momentum and earned two quick penalty corners.  During a breakdown in front of the net, junior Ruby Eisler knocked in a loose ball, putting Porter's on the scoreboard with 15 minutes left to play.  The game remained 2-1 for most of the final minutes, but Porter's hopes to tie up the game were crushed when Walker's right forward snuck one more goal into the back of the net.  Subs Lydia Woodworth ('21), Lucy Hallinan ('22), and Charlotte Henrich ('23) all made helpful contributions to the effort in the second half and goalie Kami Vigilant ('20) had a great game overall, ending with 10 saves.