Despite loss, Porter's dominates

The Porter's and Choate teams entered the match with the same win-loss records, and the game proved to be quite balanced competition overall, no matter what the score suggests.  Porter's got on the scoreboard early, with Mel Belenardo ('20) scoring off a breakaway pass from Sydney Cheng ('21).  Things were looking great and Porter's was dominating offensively, but some quick moves from Choate on a breakaway led to a tied score shortly after Porter's first goal.  Despite several more chances offensively, and 8 penalty corners, Porter's struggled to get the ball in the net for the remainder of the game.  Choate took the lead early in the 2nd half, and Porter's had plenty of chances to tie things up, but many shots just missed the goal, which was frustrating.  Choate dashed Porter's hopes for a tie when they knocked in their 3rd goal with 52 seconds left on the clock. Goalies Nia Carroll ('22) and Kami Vigilant ('20) split time in goal, with Nia recording 7 saves and Kami recording 6.  Midfielder Tyler Gaston ('23) played a very strong game, and her ball-handling and passing skills helped Porter's tremendously.