Hustle and Heart Against Hotchkiss Today

Katherine Doemland
JVFH: #fierceforfarmington
Porter's played with hustle and heart today against a formidable Hotchkiss team on our home turf at Oaklea Field. The first half of game play was dominated by a strong Porter's defense, but with a minute-and-a half to go before the buzzer rang, Hotchkiss hit the board. Keeper Elizabeth Akomalafe '23 maintained an agile and flexible defense of the cage throughout the game, supported by defenders Soleil Lech '22, Jessica Hua '22, and Co-Captain Lily Jenden '22 at sweep. Porter's found its way back through a tight offense provided by Tabby Elliott '23, Angela Royle '23, Izzy Sutherland '23, and Annabel Adeyeri '22. Middies and forwards Reina Salama '22, Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer '21, Kay Krag '23, and Estelle Lord '23 cut and dodged with speed and accuracy, switching fields and running flat and through passes from mid to D. The entire team effort was impressive and exciting. 

Porter's was wholly outmatched on the bench. Where Hotchkiss had another half-team of subs,  each and every Porters's player gave their every ounce of strength and courage to a game well-played. The number of players on our small but mighty team has never limited our aspirational  goals, and though the score doesn't adequately reflect the truth of field play today, Porter's can be proud of their hustle and heart in strategic and compelling competition.