Two moments

If I have to resume our game against Hotchkiss, it will be a game of two moments. We started the game controlling the midfield and moving the ball quite comfortably until they put more pressure on our midfielders and it was harder for us to distribute the ball to our offense players. And yet, we were still controlling the tempo of the game creating chances and not suffering too much on our defense. Evelyn scored the goal for us following up on our offense play and being able to put the ball in the net after their goalie was not able to catch it. The second half showed Hotchkiss wanting the ball more and us being able to neutralize their chances. But here is when the first moment came. We were defending a Hotchkiss’ goal kick thinking it would be short, but they kicked the ball on the midfield where after a few bounces and the speed of two of their players, the ball ended up inside our goalie’s area. That moment gave Hotchkiss the momentum to try to score the equalizer and we got into panic mode, not knowing how to clear the ball with criteria and not knowing what to do with the ball. Those were the moments where Hotchkiss was in a constant attack, trying to take advantage of the speed of some of their players and also looking for a kick from outside of the 18. After some minutes we were able to shake their pressure and went on the attack again. We had some clear chances and one of them was the second moment of the match. Sarah kicked a great free shot that hit the crossbar and bounced outside. From that bounce, Hotchkiss kicked the ball far from their goal and, again, the speed of their players allowed them to score the equalizer. With ten minutes left in the game, we tried to score another goal without success. For us, it was one of those games that even though we did not loose, it felt like a defeat, leaving a bittersweet taste.