Porter's v. Pomfret for the WIN!

Katherine Doemland
Porter's was in it to win it today against Pomfret School.
On another brilliant and beautiful late-autumn afternoon at Oaklea Field, Porter's JVFH arrived ready for serious game-play and eager for the win. By the end of the first half they were three shots ahead of Pomfret, with Kay Krag '23 posting a confident first direct-shot goal. Krag then assisted Sarah Azrin '23 for two goals tipped-into the cage, and in the second half, goal four was set-up for Izzy Sutherland '23 by Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer '21 who drove directly to Sutherland's stick as she proceeded to tip the ball securely over the line. Wow, team! With excellent rushing, shooting, and switching fields throughout both halves, each player contributed to this successful, exciting, and decisive victory. Goalkeeper Elizabeth Akomolafe '23 kept her house clean throughout both halves, and at midfield, the offensive line never stopped pushing forward. Those players are Reina Salama '22, Angel Royle '23, and Estelle Lord '23; forwards Tabby Elliott '23, Annabel Ayederi '22, and Sadie Abramson '23 in concert with defenders Jessica Hua '22, Soliel Lech '22, and sweeper and Co-Captian Lily Jensen '21 read one another as an orchestra follows the maestro. Sideline support from those sidelined by injury--Madison Donelson '23 and Lucy Marshall '23--with the benefit of our dedicated manager Sam Manafort '22--kept spirits high as Porter's swept past Pomfret for a decisive and well-earned win. With the season mostly in the rear-view mirror, this team can be enormously proud of their strength, courage, commitment to growth and one another, and the enduring sisterhood and teamwork they've developed in the last ten weeks. We're full of Porter's Pride tonight!