A minor chord

We finish our season playing against Choate, and our last game was not as good as desired. We played against a team of just eleven players (they did not have any subs) where none of those players was a goalie, and yet we did not challenge their goalie once during the game. This last game looked more like a first game in the season: we did not make the field wide, we did not play with criteria and several times we just kicked the ball to anywhere (most of the time to Chaote’s feet). The lack of communication at times made us play so close together that a Choate player could defend two of Porter’s players at the same time with ease.
We started the second half without changes on our play and all Choate did was attacked on our left side with two players, number 2 and number 5, and those two players controlled the game, that is how flat we were. As a result, Choate scored a deserved goal. 
The positive thing about that goal is that our team woke up and started talking, moving the ball, and play like we know we can. We created chances and in one of those chances, Julia was able to score the equalizer. After that, there was not much to say. We only showed sparks of what this team is really capable of. We shot at goal twice in the whole game and we were lucky we scored in one of those occasions.