The Last Roadshow

Katherine Doemland
Final Roadshow; Valiant Fight.
Nestled into the reaches of Mount Everett this afternoon on the pitch at Berkshire School, Porter's played its final well-wrought game against a deep and competitive team. With a beautifully executed lift-to-goal in the first three minutes of play, Porter's was forced to reorganize quickly and collect the ball for a stronger 21 minutes to beat the clock and control possession. Co-Captain and sweeper Lily Jenden '23 played fearless defense, supported by indefatigable wings Jessica Hua '22 and Soleil Lech '22. At midfield, Reina Salama ‘22, Estelle Lord ‘23, and Co-Captain Sophie Schaeffer ‘21 worked diligently with forwards and links Tabby Elliott ‘23, Angela Royle '23, Izzy Sutherland ‘23, Sadie Abramsom '23, Kay Krag ‘23, and Annabel Adeyeri ‘22 to move decisively to the 25 where, in the last eight minutes of first-half play, rookie-turned-almost-pro Sarah Azrin ‘23 tipped-in her third goal of the season. Brava, Porter's! 

Coming back from the half Porter’s had to claim possession to tie the game, but a mis-step mid-half prevented the tie. In a series of small uncontrollables, Berkshire drove past the offense straight to D and into goal, yet Porter’s recovered swiftly and dominated for the last active and aggressive ten minutes of play. Additionally, and for the fourth time in four games, goalkepper Elizabeth Akomolafe '23 was recognized and complimented by the opposing team's coach  for her courage and resilience in the cage. Thanks to our sidelined players whose "return to play" hadn't yet returned them to play: Madison Donelson '23 and Lucy Marshall '23, and as always, thanks to our on-task and on-top-of-it manager, Sam Manafort '22. 

In spite of excellent and ambitious play, Porter’s left without the win. With full hearts and a tremendous sense of pride in the growth of each player from August - November, we bid farewell to a season filled with deep affection, great respect, and grand generosity of spirit. As the early afternoon darkness descended on Oaklea Field this week: “Not yesterday I learned to know / The love of bare November days / Before the coming of the snow….”** And off we go, into the ether of the winter season. It has been an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure. #Porterspride!  

**("My November Guest," Robert Frost.)