Porter's sweeps Williston Northampton in closely fought contest

David Cukierman
Sometimes the scoreboard doesn't tell the whole truth. And so it was today. Porter's swept Williston Northampton 7-0, but all but 1 match needed 4 or 5 games to decide the result. Porter's started shakily with Sarah Wagner '20 (#2), Lauren Schramm '20 (#6) and Lydia Woodworth '21(#7) all losing the opening game. Only Elle Lansing '22 was able to clinch the opening game. Schram '20 and Woodworth '21 were able to recover and both won in 4 closely contested games. Wagner '20 and Lansing '22 also overcame deficits and were both clutch under the pressure of a fifth-game. After the first round of matches, Porter's was able to to secure a 4-0 lead and clinched a team victory. The second round of matches also saw high-quality squash, and more Porter's wins. Haley Bloch '21 (#1) won in 4 games, Nia Carroll '22 (#3) won the most one-sided match of the afternoon and Taylor Hall '22 (#5) won relatively comfortably in 4 games. It was a tremendous start to the new year, and gives Porter's great momentum heading in to the most important part of the season