Porter's Solidify a Win On The Road

Miss Porter's varsity basketball team had a goal in mind and that was to beat St. George's. The battle last year ended with a last-second dagger that solidified a win for Saint George's. This year we knew we had to battle so we came out ready to execute. The team's effective field goal was 47.7% and we out rebounded the other team 45 to 28. Miss Porter's also had 18 assists which translate to playing team basketball.

Callie Godfrey '20 had 22 pts 9 rebounds
Delaney Nwachukwu '20  had 23 pts 6 rebounds 1 assist 2 steals
Kyla Gallagher had '20 had 11 pts 5 rebounds 7 assist 3 steals
Ana Bartkiewcz '20 had  7 pts 9 rebounds  2 assist  1 steal
Lila Conners '20had  2 pts 7 rebounds 7 assist 4 steals