Statement of Purpose

The mission of Miss Porter’s School demands constant examination of the dynamics of inequality in the world and in our school. In order to achieve institutional excellence, each member of the community must interrogate their privilege, biases, and complicity in oppressive structures. The Office of Equity and Inclusion provides resources and guides collaboration as each department and office engage in ongoing evaluation of their programs and policies. The obligations of our mission statement call us to reflect, implement positive change, and create a truly equitable, inclusive, and just school community.

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For more information, contact Susan Martell Jenkin, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, Vice Chair, CAIS Commission on Diversity in Independent Schools

Equity and Inclusion

"One of the greatest elements of a Porter’s education is that our students are encouraged to appreciate the uniqueness in themselves and others. Our commitment to learning extends well beyond the pages of the books that we read or the problems that we solve. It includes equally a commitment to learning about ourselves and the people with whom we live and learn. It is with this in mind and our community call to action that we are able to keep the promise of our mission statement."

Susan Martell Jenkin
Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer

Student Alliances

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  • What is an Alliance?

    Alliances are defined as student-led networks open to the entire community that aim to educate others on topics of diversity and foster an empathetic environment through collaborative learning, discussion, and respectful dissent. The following are the mission and vision statements of the Alliances as written by the student leaders and advisors in charge of each respective group in August 2018.

  • Asian Students Alliance

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  • Black and Latinx Alliance

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  • Compass Alliance

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  • EleMental

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  • Spectrum: Gender and Sexuality Alliance

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Student Voices

"Alliance are important to me because they provide a place where my identity is valued and allows other people to value my identity as well. Alliances also teach me how to practice allyship in my everyday life."
-Kamille Bernard, '17

"As an Alliance Leader, my goal is to make sure that everyone feels comfortable within our community regardless of how they identify."
-Rose Aydin, '18

"I learned to be proud of my cultural identity while being a part of the Black Latina Alliance my New Girl year, and as a head of BLA this year, I worked to teach others to embrace their identities as well."
-Chrissy Roca, '17

"To me, the alliances are one of the most important parts of Porter's. Alliances are a place where the often undervalued become the focus, where the minority experience the attention normally not granted to them. It's a place that allows everyone, students, and teachers, to learn, by inverting the typical classroom structure: student-lead and discussion-based."
-Jillian Landolina, '18
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