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The Porter Plan - Boarding Students

Residential Life at Miss Porter's School provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes character development and personal responsibility. We challenge girls to become their best selves, teaching resilience, independence and respectful engagement with the world around them.

At Porter’s, we know students transition to boarding school best when there are adults in their lives who are present and available to provide guidance, just as families do. As such, our Porter Plan is one of the distinguishing features of our school. The Porter Plan requires that our house directors’ primary responsibilities on campus are within our dormitories. This requirement ensures that they are able to concentrate on building strong, interactive bonds with each student in their dorm without the additional responsibilities of teaching or coaching.

Our dormitories have the look and feel of private homes as they are former residences. Our house directors are on duty each evening, and they are available to their students as needed throughout the day. Their doors are always open, and they often invite students into their apartments for snacks, movies, and group discussions.

Porter's unique residential life program teaches students essential social skills, such as communication, compromise and cultural awareness, and students are empowered by assuming responsibility for the choices they make in structuring their own lives in a residential environment.

Day Students

Porter’s values its day students and the contributions they bring to our community. Day students are fully integrated into the life of the school, participate in all activities and programs and form strong bonds with boarders. Day students often return to campus on the weekends for social events, athletic games, performances and club activities. All day students are affiliated with a dormitory in which they participate in traditions, celebrate birthdays, attend wellness meetings, hang-out in the common rooms and spend weekend nights with their friends.
Each grade level of day students is assigned a day student room. This room is truly their home base in which to relax, store their belongings, and decorate the walls to personalize the space. Each day student is also assigned a locker and key in a room adjoining her day room. This provides a convenient location to store books and sports equipment during the day and overnight. The day student rooms are often gathering spots for impromptu dance parties, class meetings, and general socializing between classes. Just as the boarders enjoy having the day students in the dorm common rooms, the day students welcome boarders into their day rooms. 

Day and boarding students can be found together anywhere, at any time, throughout the campus, building friendships and a community whose members are enriched by the relationships they form with each other. The day students’ experience at Porter’s is enhanced by the cultural diversity of our boarding population, and our boarders are supported by friendships with day students and their families who cheer for them on the sidelines, invite them for home-cooked meals and welcome them into their homes.

Living at Porter's

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  • Residential Expectations

    Porter's residential expectations govern behavior in the dormitory and equip students for success later in life by teaching skills that foster both independence and effective community living.
  • Junior Advisors

    Junior Advisors are the student leaders appointed in the spring preceding their junior year, to serve as peer counselors and mediators in the underclass dormitories.
  • Dormitory Accommodations

    Porter’s students live in several spacious and comfortable houses located centrally on campus.
  • Dormitory Activities

    Each dormitory holds a dorm meeting once a week to review upcoming calendar events, discuss issues relevant to boarding life, raise concerns, play games, or simply enjoy a group snack.
  • Day Students and Dorms

    All day students are affiliated with a dormitory in which they participate in traditions, celebrate birthdays, attend wellness meetings, hang-out in the common rooms and spend weekend nights with their friends.
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