Student Life
Porter’s recognizes that instilling a lifelong commitment to community service in our students is an integral part of preparing them for college, for leadership, and for life. All New Girl freshmen and sophomores are required to complete 20 hours of community service during their years at Porter’s, and all New Girl juniors and seniors must complete 10 hours of service.

Concordia is Porter's community service club, and the student heads of Concordia work closely with the Community Service Coordinator to provide ample opportunities in which students may participate throughout the year. These include peer tutoring, fundraising events, volunteering for Relay for Life, Foodshare, the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, local shelters and soup kitchens, nursing homes, elementary schools, parks, museums, and the town of Farmington. Students are also encouraged to spend time giving back to their own communities during school breaks. For artistically inclined students, Porter’s Arts Department offers several annual opportunities for service, and various clubs often organize fundraising events for particular charities or organizations.

Concordia All-Stars awards are presented at the end of each year and honor those seniors who, having experienced firsthand the joy and sense of purpose that comes from serving others, have completed over 100 hours of service. 
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