Becoming a global citizen is a lifelong learning process that begins with one’s self. We recognize the role an individual plays in the global community and how to understand shared responsibilities and risks on a global scale. Students will challenge their assumptions, develop an empathetic imagination, and understand the extent to which their identities influence their perspectives. To engage with the world on a local or global level and to move fluidly between the two, it is essential to understand the concept of culture. Students consider the questions of “Who am I?,” “Where do I come from?” and “How does this shape the world we live in?” 
I just wanted to share what an amazing trip Maia had in South Africa. It started off a tiny bit rocky, but ended up exactly as you had predicted, based on previous experience - with tearful goodbyes and not wanting to come home. It sounds like it was a truly eye-opening experience for Maia, and she made some great friends that she is already missing terribly. She loved her Porter's group, and the faculty were wonderful leaders.
-Porter's Parent

Statement of Purpose

Miss Porter’s School is committed to creating a global community. Our current student body represents over 30 countries by citizenship, dual-citizenship, and students living abroad. By engaging more deeply in the history, cultural traditions, and current events of communities both locally and globally, students and faculty explore their cultural identities, develop empathy for and trust in their peers and colleagues with different cultural perspectives and gain a more profound understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

Elements of The Institute for Global Education

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  • The Institute for Global Education

    is composed of different elements that intersect and together support our mission to create a global community at Miss Porter’s School.
  • > Global Studies Certificate

  • > 11th-Grade InterMission Program

  • > Global Partnerships

  • > Visiting School Program

  • > Faculty and Curriculum Development

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