The 11th-Grade InterMission Program provides international, school-based immersion experiences for all juniors at no cost to them as part of a year-long Global Citizenship curriculum. By living and learning internationally, students develop a deeper understanding of the daily rhythms and life in other cultures. Students are challenged through interdisciplinary study, self-directed learning, and community-based exploration, and in doing so will gain a more profound and critical understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

For a look at the student projects which reflect the student's InterMission experience view their project catalog:
International InterMission at Miss Porter's School

Our global learners...

  • Understand that our identities shape the way we perceive others, and the way others perceive us

  • Know how to speak from the "I" perspective and communicate across difference

  • Possess an empathetic imagination

  • Identify risks and responsibilities held in common across cultures, nations, and regions

  • Pursue a multivalent knowledge of place that encompasses histories, economics, politics, environments, and cultures

Student Voices

“…At first, I was slightly freaked out by just how different everything was but throughout the trip, I learned how to embrace the differences…My connection with the culture grew through my home stay experience.“
-Hanna E '18 - China

“I would say that my confidence has grown and my adaptability has grown. I feel more comfortable exploring new places and navigating my way back...I feel that I have become a little less shy and maybe a little more daring.”    
-Olivia G '18 - England

“I'm hearing everyone's stories from such diverse places, (which) made me think about myself and how I live. I was able to look at my life from a different perspective which was really refreshing and eye opening.
-Jenn H '18 - South Africa
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