Ninth Grade InterMission courses prepare students to cross boundaries and to engage in a meaningful, collaborative, service-learning project with a local organization. Research and investigation of interdisciplinary topics prepare students for action. Through partnerships with local agencies, this InterMission experience fosters awareness, broadens students’ perspectives, and deepens their understanding of the immediate issues involved in each local project as well as the more global implications.

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  • Grade Nine Intermission Course Descriptions 2020

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Student Voices

"This past week has brought the theme of confidence to life in many ways. It allowed us the opportunity to speak up about our InterMission class and what we are doing with the new people we met out on field trips. During this week we also did presentations which boosted confidence in public speaking as well asking questions when others present or just being able to inquire deeper than the surface."
-Grade 9 Student 

"I'm so glad I chose this course because my InterMission class really brought us together. I feel really connected to my friends in this class now, especially when we're all so interested in what each other has to say. I also feel connected to all the kids in communities we worked with because now I know so much about what has to be done to make sure they reach their potential. I believe that with nonprofits, books, and learning, we really can help each other a lot."
-Grade 9 Student

"Two things I got out of this experience were that I learned a lot about the marketing process and how much people who work in that field have to do. Along with that, I had to learn and become more comfortable talking in front of a large group of people and to individual people that I had just met. I also learned a lot about different non-profit organizations, how they operate, who they help, and why they are good.”
-Grade 9 Student
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