College Counseling
“The level and type of academic work I engaged in while at Miss Porter's prepared me very well for what was expected of me my freshman year of college. Porter's helped me to develop a strong work ethic that set me apart from my peers. I was well-prepared to manage my time between my academic workload, extracurriculars, and other commitments, in a way that many of my peers were not. In addition, Porter's helped me develop strong communication skills, confidence, and professionalism that helped me distinguish myself throughout college, both in the classroom and applying for opportunities such as internships and research. I continue to find these lessons and skills relevant in my professional life.”

Porter’s Ancient, Class of 2013
Preparing for college begins the moment a student sets foot on campus in her first year at Miss Porter’s School. College Counseling at Porter’s is focused not only on equipping each student with the tools she needs for the college admissions process but, more importantly, with the knowledge, skills, and confidence essential to succeed in college, career, and life.

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  • Ninth Grade

    Each girl is assigned to a faculty advisor, who becomes her guide and mentor as she engages with our community and begins to establish herself in her classes, sports and extracurricular activities on campus.
  • Tenth Grade

    Sophomores have their first taste of college admission testing in October by taking the Pre-ACT or PSAT. Over the course of the year, workshops are offered to students and their families on general college admission topics such as standardized testing, athletic recruiting and applying for financial aid.
  • Eleventh Grade

    Juniors take the PSAT in October of 11th grade and sit for their first baseline SAT and ACT test in December. All of these tools help them assess their testing strengths and formulate a personal test preparation strategy to maximize their college admission scores. During Fall Family Weekend in October, the College Office hosts Junior College Planning Programming for juniors and their parents, with presentations and workshops led by visiting college admission representatives from a range of colleges and universities. The College Office presents at class meetings and hosts small group meetings in December to help orient the girls to the college process, answer general questions, and introduce them to Naviance, the online tool they will use to manage their college searches. The girls are asked to complete a suite of self-assessment tools by the end of the semester, so they are prepared to begin their one-on-one meetings with their college counselors after the first of the year.
  • Twelfth Grade

    By senior year, the college counseling process becomes highly individualized, as each girl’s search becomes as unique as she is. Students are expected to return to campus with their Common Application complete;  the first unit of Senior English focuses on the college application essay. College representatives from over 100 colleges and universities visit Porter’s throughout the fall, and girls are strongly encouraged to meet with the visitors from any schools they are considering for small group and often one-on-one connections. Students and counselors meet regularly as we approach early deadlines and finalize a college applications list that represents the student’s interests and a range of schools to which she has an opportunity to be admitted.
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