Academic Work

Curriculum and Work Expectations

Each teacher will provide students with an outline of class for the remainder of the spring. These outlines will include the following:
  • Topics covered / resources used
  • Expectations for the use of synchronous time
  • Expectations for the use of asynchronous time
  • Work needed to be completed to earn credit (i.e. assessments/deliverables)
  • Additional optional activities 
These outlines will be posted in course pages on MyPorters along with assignments and updated topics pages with content.

Teachers will plan no more than 4.5 hours of work/activities for each class per week. This includes the two forty-five minute synchronous class meetings each week.  This is equivalent to the combined class and homework time during the normal school year. This will amount to at most 22.5 (for 5 courses) to 31.5 (for 7 courses) hours of “school time” per week for students.

Teachers will plan based on what is essential for students to earn credit and be ready for next year.  

Additionally, teachers will offer supplementary activities that students may opt in for.  

Assessment, Feedback, and Grading

Teachers will continue to assess students, provide feedback, and assign grades.  While assessments might be different, students will be given meaningful and challenging assignments with clear criteria for success.  When possible, teachers will continue to provide standards-based feedback on all assignments.

Teachers will redefine their expectations for C.A.R.E. in a distance learning environment.  Certain behaviors with regard to citizenship, agency, responsibility, and engagement may, in fact, be even more important when operating in a distance learning model.
We will adhere to a strict assessment calendar by department so that students do not get overloaded with work at any one point in time.  

We know that students may encounter challenging circumstances, and as usual, will be flexible and work to adjust to meet individual needs. In all of these cases, proactive communication with teachers will be helpful.
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