AP, ECE, & SEL Courses

Advanced Placement Courses 

On March 20, College Board announced that there will be no in-person AP Exams for 2019-20. Instead, students will have the opportunity to select from one of two at-home testing dates for each AP course, or can choose to cancel their exam for no fee. At-home exams will be 45 minutes long and cover only topics typically covered by early March in AP courses. College Board has promised more information and testing dates by April 3 and urges students not to make any decisions until that point. They have also created many helpful online resources for students and teachers to use in their distance learning AP courses and we will be sure our teachers and students have access to these resources. Detailed information is posted and updated by College Board here.

Early College Experience (UConn) 

UConn has been in touch and assures us that they will work hard to get all of our enrolled ECE students the appropriate college credit. Jess has been in touch with ECE teachers and will continue to follow up as UConn sends information. This is an important reminder that the whole world is in this moment together and that UConn is in the process of figuring it out, too!

Social Emotional Learning and Porter’s Seminar Courses

These courses will be discontinued.  Advisors will be provided with SEL-related prompts/activities for group advising specifically designed to help students through this challenging time and cultivate the necessary skills and mindsets for distance learning. The 11th and 12th grade Porter’s Seminar courses may still ask students to complete a final reflection.  Details on this will be forthcoming.
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