Co-Curricular Programs

Advisors will play a critical role in shaping the online experience for students and 
building community while we are not able to be together in Farmington. Advisory 
groups will meet weekly on Wednesdays to check-in, share important updates, and provide information about various virtual events. Students can also expect to have 1:1 check-ins with their advisor each week.

Morning Meeting / Community Time

Morning Meeting will be delivered by video each week, so look forward to some fun content! We will also have community time each Wednesday for clubs, Alliances, Affinities, and open groups and dialogues. The schedule of events will be posted and reviewed in advisory each week.


Athletics is partnering with PLT4M, an interactive workout platform. This organization offers videos centered around ‘remote workouts’, ‘mobility sessions’, and ‘fitness challenges’ for the high school student. Students and faculty will have access to the entire program. Our workouts will add an element of competition through leaderboards available to all.  

Every ten days, we aim to send out (via social media) an athletic technical challenge made by one of our coaches. The winners, or best responses, will be shown on the athletic Twitter and Instagram pages.

Colgate Wellness Center

Members of the Colgate Wellness Center and outside guests will offer various groups, wellness content, meditations, and self-care activities. Please check out these resources regularly in order to stay healthy and build your coping skills. 

Student Activities 

In addition to student organization meetings, Director of Student Activities Michelle Coster and Head of Student Activities Julia Dowd will be planning regular weekend activities! They will be announced and posted weekly. Get excited!

Alliances and Affinities

Alliance and affinities will play a critical role in shaping the virtual MPS experience. We will hold regular affinity meetings as an opportunity for students to check in and connect with their peers. Expect to hear from the Alliance Leaders with specific plans.

Clubs and Student Organizations

Students are invited to hold virtual club meetings during the designated time on Wednesdays or at alternative times outside the school day. 

Other Afternoon Activities

Other (non-athletic) afternoon activities may or may not be continuing.  Expect to hear from the coordinator of the activity about plans.  
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