Student Norms & Expectations

Internet Connection

Students should assure that they have access to a reliable Internet connection. If this is an issue, please contact Susan Martell Jenkin in the Office of Equity and Inclusion at

Calendars, Email, Video-Conferencing, and Other Tools

In addition to the calendar and schedule on MyPorter’s, students should use the Google Calendar associated with their Miss Porter’s School Gmail account, particularly when setting up individual conferencing sessions with advisors and teachers. 

Students should check their Miss Porter’s School Gmail regularly.  All members of the community should endeavor to respond to emails within 24 hours during the school week (Mon-Fri).

Our primary tool for video-conferencing will be Zoom. Students should go to the website, create an account using their Miss Porter’s School Gmail, and download the appropriate software. Teachers will invite students to video-conferences by sending them Zoom links. Students can simply click the link to enter the video-conference.  We will use Zoom for synchronous class meetings and for individual meetings. This document provides tips for Zoom attendees, including key terms, understanding a Zoom invitation, and how to join a meeting. 

We are aware that any single technology platform might not always be reliable, so each teacher also has a GoToMeeting account, which can be used as an alternative to Zoom if need be, as can Google Hangouts.  

Teachers will work with students to share guidelines around appropriate and effective video-conferencing behavior for individual classes.

Both our Google Suite tools and MyPorter’s can be used as collaborative spaces for work.  If a student does not have access to Google due to governmental restriction, she should give her teachers and advisor an alternate email address, so that they can communicate with her and develop strategies that do not require access to Google.  
A myriad of other tools exist for distance learning, and teachers choosing to use other tools will work with students to help them access these.


During video-conferencing, students may be asked to “share” their screen so that the whole class can view it. Students sharing their screen should be mindful that they do not have windows open that they wouldn’t want others to see and should stop all notifications for other messages that might pop up. This can be done by turning notifications to “Do Not Disturb.”  

Work Space

Students should set up a clean and professional work space, and should remember that when they are video-conferencing, they should not have personal items or background items in sight that they wouldn't bring into a classroom. We also encourage students to prepare for class much as they would if on campus: consider how exercise, food, hydration, hygiene, sleep, and attire impact how present they can be in our online community.
Acceptable Use

Students are reminded that their use of technology must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as articulated at length in the Student Handbook, which can be accessed via the embedded link or the Dean of Students Resource Board on MyPorters.
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