Student Orientation: Schedule & Information

Student Introduction to Distance Learning Schedule

Monday, March 30, 2020
All times in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

9:00am-10:00am - Synchronous Advisory Group Meetings via Zoom

10:00am-12:30pm - Students work through Introduction to Distance Learning assignments asynchronously, reach out with questions, and have individual 15-minute advisor meetings via Zoom. Students need to be available for their individual meeting and to complete all assignments during the day, but at their own pace. 60-90 total minutes of work anticipated.

12:30pm-1:00pm - Synchronous Advisory Group Meetings via Zoom

Student Introduction to Distance Learning Information

By Sunday, March 29, each student will receive from their advisor three Zoom invitations: one for each synchronous advisory group meeting and one for their individual 15-minute check-in. For the smoothest experience Monday morning, students should plan to test their Zoom connection in advance, but troubleshooting this is also one of the goals of Monday’s first session. Some students find they are more comfortable participating in online meetings using a headset or earbuds with a built-in microphone, but this is not required. Advisors will greet their advisees, begin to re-establish community, explain the expectations for the day, and answer questions.

After the initial advisory meeting on Monday, students will work at their own pace through a posted set of assignments meant to prepare them for distance learning. This should take 60-90 minutes in total. They should have access to pen and paper (or a digital note-taking system of their choice), their computer with internet access, and their water bottle (hydration is important!) Students should jot down any questions they have over the course of the day.

Each student will have a 15-minute check-in with her advisor sometime during the day. This meeting is an opportunity to reconnect, to establish how the advisor can best help their advisee during this time, and to set up a schedule for a weekly individual check-in for the rest of the spring.

For the closing session at 12:30pm, students are asked to bring an object from their current surroundings that brings them joy and that they are willing to share with the group. Advisors will lead a quick sharing of the objects and answer questions that came up during the day.
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