Student Support


Advisors will play a critical role in shaping the online experience for students and building community while we are not able to be together in Farmington. Advisory groups will meet weekly on Wednesdays to check-in, share important updates, and provide information about various virtual events. Students can also expect to have individual check-ins with their advisor each week.

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center will continue to be available to students virtually using our WCOnline scheduling program. Students will make appointments through WCOnline just as they always have, only now the appointments have a link to a video conferencing feature that will activate for them to receive real-time support through video chat, real-time messaging, and even a virtual whiteboard.

As always, we will encourage students to depend on their classroom teachers as their first stop for extra help in their particular classes. We will continue to provide assistance for students who need some additional reinforcement in math, help with their research or writing, and general check-ins for organization and time management.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who are currently receiving approved academic accommodations will continue to be provided for in the online setting. Please remember that accommodations may not translate perfectly from the classroom to the virtual platform and some flexibility may be required. Specific questions or concerns about disability accommodations can be directed to Rebecca Plona, Director of the Teaching and Learning Center at


The counselors at Porter’s will be available to students and guardians for support during this time. Unfortunately, due to licensing regulations, Porter’s counselors are unable to provide counseling or therapy. They can provide solution-focused conversations geared toward helping students access support and resources in their local communities. They will also be offering self-care activities, coping skills, wellness resources, and group discussions. For more information contact Director of Counseling Amanda Kice at

Health Services

The health services team will continue to serve as a resource for information and support for students and families during our distance learning period. Our nursing team will share public health strategies, self-care tips, and resources for navigating this global pandemic. For more information contact Director of Nursing Georgia Burman at

Equity and Inclusion

The Office of Equity and Inclusion will continue to serve as a resource for students as they navigate issues of identity, belonging, community, equity, and inclusion both in and outside of the virtual classroom. Students can continue to reach out via email to set up times to video chat with members of the Office of Equity and Inclusion and get the support they need to navigate challenging or difficult conversations, topics, and situations. For more information contact Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Susan Martell Jenkin at

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team, which includes the directors and deans of student life, counseling, health, academics, and equity and inclusion, will continue to meet multiple times a week to discuss specific student needs and community-wide needs.
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